As a Vets Village member, you will gain access to our exclusive members-only property and enjoy discounted rates on rooms, live performances, and other events.

To become a member, simply sign up for our $10/36 Donation Plan and set up an interview with Tesla for acceptance into the program. Once accepted, you will be shown a room that you can rent in one of our scattered site houses.

Our rooms are fully furnished and can be occupied immediately, making your transition to civilian life easier. Join us now and become part of our mission to help our veterans find success and purpose after serving our country!

How it Works

Each member will be able to download the app to their phone so they can save over $1,500 per year by shopping the their neighborhood at their favorite stores.

We will also encourage people who say "Thank you for your service" to become Vets Village members by handing them a card—which all participating members will get—that will have instructions as to how they can help. All cards will have our website address on it and request that they go online and become members of Vets Village.

"Thank you for your service" is a genuine sentiment. It's easy to say, but for those who are really serious about it can help disabled vets by signing up on the site for the 10/36 Plan to help disabled vets.


Barry Grimes-Hardie - General Manager.

Do you need our services?

Have a question about our services or want to learn more about how you find a job and a place to live through Vets Village? Please contact us and let us work with you to improve your future.