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Your donation can help us provide housing, job training, and other resources to veterans in need. Your donation is a $10 per month for 36 months


1. Short and long-term housing for vets

2. Loans for Veterans

3. Vets rating services

4. Savings of up to $1500 per year shopping at your favorite neighborhood stores.

5. Credit repair services for Vets

6. Nationwide Job Search Services

7.Printing for Less high volume printing services

8. Condos for rent or purchase in Davenport Florida 

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Make a Contribution

Make a Contribution

Your donation can help us provide housing, job training, and other resources to veterans in need.

Donate $10


Support Vets Village through our $10/36 Donation Plan

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Vets Village Mission

  • The Barn, which will include a moringa processing plant, a 500-seat performing arts theater, and a 48-room condominium-like hotel providing short term housing for vets as they go through their training at Tesla or other major companies, like UPS, Publiz, Fedex, Amazon Warehouse, and more... Also, Vets Village will hill hire some veterans to help operate Vets Village.
  • An EV charging station supported by Tesla based on solar energy derived from the solar farm, which will provide the energy for the entire village.
  • The solar farm also supported by Tesla.
  • The lease or purchase of 4-5 15-passenger vans to transport the vets to and from training and work, as well as to provide a transportation service for other guests staying at Windsor at Westside.
  • We will also use a portion of the funds to launch the Vets Village Membership Drive with the 18 million Vets through an email marketing campaign as well as a handout and take-one campaign.

Vets Village Services are real-estate based, not only social work-based. We use the NAJEX job search system to find jobs for qualified vets. It consist of using online job boards like and Google searches to find suitable employers.

I understand that this program allows me to purchase 5,000, 10,000 or 20,000 business card sized flyers to place on windshields of cars at big box stores with the permission of the store manager(s). I understand that I will earn $5 for every new member that I refer.


Do you need our services?

Have a question about our services or want to learn more about how you find a job and a place to live through Vets Village? Please contact us and let us work with you to improve your future.