Ines (Mo) Chen

Currently in Paris but originally from Shanghai, China. Her experience includes being an experienced project manager with seven years of expertise in maintaining bilateral relationships and building rapport between government bodies, supporting Asia-Pacific countries in a resilience network, running large-scale prevention campaigns on drugs and immigration law, making contingency plans and policies, and helping vulnerable British Nationals overseas. 

She is multilingual and passionate about working for creative industries and organizations focusing on United Nations goals. She will be the Cultural Attaché for the Village, connecting along with Kharma Grimes-Hardie to PBS, The Smithsonian Institution, The Orlando Science Center, and other providers to support children's programming at the Barn on weekdays. Mo is currently working for the British Embassy in Shanghai and will get here on a HI-B visa that we will file for her.


Barry Grimes-Hardie - General Manager.

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