The Sustainable Community

The first construction task in building Vets Village is to build a 2-3-acre Solar Farm. The solar farm will power the EV station, the condominiums, the Barn the restaurant, water park and all other features of Vets Village. Vets Village will demonstrate that there is an alternative way of living which takes advantage of solar power and all of the advantages that provides. That's why our by-line is: "No electric bills for life". No resident of Vets Village, including the commercial entities will never have to pay for power, as all power consumed by Vets Village will come from the onsite solar farm.


Possible Vets Village Location, Poinciana Florida 19.7 acres $795,000

Possible Vets Village Location 5025 Baker Dairy Road, Haines City Florida 19.75 acres

Possible Vets Village Location Old Polk City Road, Polk City Florida $585,000 - 19.5 Acres

A Real Farm 

The farm concept will extend to an actual farm onsite growing fruits and vegetables which may be sold through a small farmers market in the Village. This means that, in Vets Village children who live there or those who come for a short-term stay, will have the U-pick experience where they can go and pick blueberries and blackberries and raspberries and can harvest cabbages, beets, potatoes, carrots, onions, and countless other vegetables will be grown on-site in the Vets Village Community in the common farm area We demonstrate that we can integrate farming in a sun-based community instead of encouraging them to be unrelated activities.

Have your own Garden

Each resident who buys a house will be granted their own small farm 20ftX40ft within their 4-acre homesite so that they can use it to grow fruits and vegetables which they can sell to the Farmers Market or trade with other farmers in the patch. We will have an experienced farmer to assist in preparing the land, planting and growing the fruit and vegetables and Moringa to be grown on the farms.

Vets Village Transportation Authority

Vets Village also supports the sustainability of EV transportation. We will have an onsite transportation service provider called "Wegoround", a licensed transportation company which will provide transportation back and forth to the Tesla training locations for all participants. After the participants land a permanent job, they are responsible for their own transportation. Wegoround will use only EV 15 passenger vans for all guest transportation whether to Tesla locations or to transport Airbnb guests to Disney and all other tourist venues. Debra Walker has obtained a transportation license from Osceola County for this purpose.

Local bus service: There will be a Wegoround Bus Station.

Wegoround will also provide local transportation with a bus service that runs on a scheduled path throughout the village like a community bus service. There will be no charge for this service. There will be a charge for transportation off the Vets Village grounds. All the power that supports and grows the community come from the Solar Farm, thereby opening other training paths for veterans, i.e., learning how to build and maintain solar farms that will support EV charging stations and entire communities. They can learn how to use that energy also to support other Vets Village EV Charging stations which can be replicated nationwide. Wego 'round also has an opportunity to provide transportation services to all residents of Windsor at Westside if we were to purchase a scattered site house there. Currently, we are looking to purchase 3 9 or 10-bedroom homes at Windsor at Westside.


Do you need our services?

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