The Barn and Victory Beach

The Barn will be the first structure built on the Vets Village site. It will be a multi-purpose building and very large by normal barn standards. It will house the Moringa Processing plant on the left side, a 500-seat performing arts theater on the right side and a 48-room apartment building in the center set up like a hotel structure with a lobby, office space, commercial kitchen, and all of the accoutrements of a great hotel. We will organize live entertainment open to the public and tickets will be sold through The Barn will feature an artificial sanded beach in front of the Barn complete with Palm trees, Cabanas, and tropical drinks provided by the wait staff at Applebee's. The Victory Beach will feature a wave action machine and an on-staff photographer who will provide pictures of guests free of charge for those enjoying the beach.

The Live at the Barn Performance Series

All performances at the Barn will be filmed with 3-4 cameras and edited by The Barn staff. All film will be the property of The Barn and will be available for use in the "Live at the Barn" series which may be sold as a series or as an individual segment for National Public Broadcasting or local public broadcasting stations.

V.V. Film Festival we will feature films from around the world. We will encourage patrons to become members of the V.V. Film Festival and encourage others to join. WV Live at the Barn series will include Jazz Artists, Country and Western Artists, and Cultural Artists. Afro-Beat artists Hindu artists, Moroccan Artists, Mexican Mariachi bands, Salsa bands, and more...

In addition, we will have films from Orlando Science Center, Kennedy Space Center, Smithsonian Institution, Aquatica, PBS and other presenters to be run in an area in the food court area where all can view them free of charge. We will encourage kids to come after school to eat at the food court and to get tutorial help with their classes.

Palm Harbor Homes 20-24 Fully Furnished Farmhouses

Palm Harbor Homes Estate Farmhouse Models (4 bedrooms) only 48 manufactured houses will be available because of the requirement that each home be on at least 4 of an acre. 10 of the houses will be accompanied by lavender gardens and infused lavender scents to direct those sales to families with autistic children. All of the houses will be professionally landscaped and each home will have a ¼/4 acre space between them. All will have solar powered fireplaces and many other amenities. All will be designed and furnished and will be sole that way if the buyer agrees. If not, they will have to buy their own furniture from recommended stores and furniture provider under agreement with Vets Village.

The 5 Flagpoles

Five large flag poles will be erected at five different areas of Vets Village. Under each pole will be picnic benches, a memorial fountain and other unique landscaping to commemorate the loss of members of the military from each branch, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. Such areas will be paid for by major corporations donating to Vets Village Membership Services, Inc., our non-profit organization. These areas will be gathering points for members of those service groups.


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