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Welcome to Vets Village Membership Service, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Central Florida, committed to assisting disabled and other veterans being released from VA Medical Centers and community living centers in finding civilian jobs and transitional and permanent housing. Our mission is to help these heroes more seamlessly reintegrate into civilian life. We are one of the very few of the very few non-profits with jobs and real estate based solutions to help veterans. With over 5 years of experience in housing veterans, we pride ourselves on being the only program that takes vets from a room to a job and a house. Our programs include the $10/36 Donation Plan, job creation, Scattered Site housing for veterans, the Barn Hotel (Phase II) , and other membership.services. Call us at (863) 440-4294 today to learn more about how we help Veterans. At Vets Village, we believe in helping our veterans find success and purpose after serving our country. That's why we are excited to offer our NAJEX (North American Job Exchange) Job Creation Program, which aims to find thousands of jobs for veterans. We work with the Tesla Veterans Association to train and place Vets in good-paying jobs. Tesla has already hired over 1,000 vets and is looking to hire more. We also help find jobs an many other locations and companies in the U.S.


Barry Grimes-Hardie - General Manager.

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